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Areas of expertise

In all its areas of expertise, the firm’s work includes drafting and negotiating contracts or settlements, the services of consultancy and drafting legal opinions, assisting and representing clients in pre-litigation and litigation, including in the context of conciliation, arbitration or mediation. It also assists its clients with their lobbying campaigns at national or European level. The firm is also regularly required to participate in audits in the context of equity operations or company takeovers.

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  • Literary and Artistic Property

    Literary and Artistic Property

  • Media and communication

    Media and communication

  • Information technology, digital and Internet

    IT, digital and Internet

  • Concurrence déloyale et parasitisme

    Unfair competition and parasitism

  • Personal data

    Data protection

  • e-Commerce



Customer Specifications Sector of activity, subject
Collecting rights society The firm advised the client in its exchanges with the succession of a performer artist and its testamentary executor as well as in the management of the royalties before the distribution of the estate. Music
Publisher The firm assisted the client in a dispute with authors regarding the application of a publishing contract, and notably the sales of photo prints. Book publishers
Company of production and distribution of programs for the British radio-television The firm drafted new clauses in the client’s contracts templates in order to adapt them to the French contract law reform and the law of July 7, 2016 on creation, architecture and cultural heritage. Television
Bar club The firm managed the client’s relations with collecting societies for copyright and related right Music
Media group The firm assisted the client for the dratfing and negotiation of a license agreement relating to an eprocurement platform and linked services. Advertising
Media group The firm drafted a contract in the context of the redesigning of a website and the supply of maintenance and community management services by the client. Advertising
Exclusive dealership of a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural machinery The firm advised the client during the development on a platform allowing agencies to offer for rental online industrial and agricultural machinery. Construction industry
Company specialized in digital marketing The firm advises the client in its implementation of compliance with the French Data Protection Act and the rules regarding direct prospecting, especially by drafting its terms and conditions for its clients and its providers and by drafting privacy and cookies policies, an IT charter and a template contract for its providers for mass e-mail campaigns. Advertising
National representative institution for a liberal profession The firm advised the client with a view to the entry into force of new rules dealing with Open Data.
Website publisher The firm assisted the client in a conflict with a company claiming infringement to trademarks rights and acts of parasitism resulting from referencing in a couponing website. Marketing
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