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The firm actively participates in discussions and developments in literary and artistic property law and in digital law: publication of articles, symposiums, lectures, teaching students on specialised master’s courses, patronage of associations.

Other events


IP/IT Job Fair

Participation of Vercken & Gaullier's team to the IP/IT Job Fair organized the AMPIN (l'Association des Masters de Propriété Intellectuelle et du Numérique) of the University of Paris-Saclay on January 14, 2021.




2020 FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress

Speech by Florence Gaullier on copyright and media evaluation services during a round table meeting on "Fundamental right to information: Our future?" at the 2020 FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress on November 17, 2020 (virtual congress)




Webinar of Grand-Est Group of the AFCDP

Participation of Florence Gaullier in the webinar of the Grand-Est Group of the AFCDP (French Association of Data Protection Officers) on November 5, 2020 on the following topics:

- presentation of the work done by the Grand-Est Group of the AFCDP

- data retention (for the private sector)

- information and consent in the GDPR (presentation of the AFCDP Q&A’s update on these topics)

- presentation of the Grand-Est Group’s work program for 2021



"Qualification of organisations involved in a personal data processing: an overview on the scope of the joint controllership"

Florence Gaullier

LEGIPRESSE – September 2020, no 385, Chroniques & opinions column – Digital communication, pp. 477-483




Contributions Michel Vivant "Contract in Wonderland"

Gilles Vercken

In THINKING THE RIGHT OF THOUGHT – Contributions in honour of Michel Vivant

DALLOZ - 2020

Doctoral thesis award


Granting of the CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER doctoral thesis award

For the first edition of the doctoral thesis award of CEIPI / VERCKEN & GAULLIER, the award was granted to the following thesis:


"Awareness and creation in Copyright Law"

Noémie Enser




"At the time when the questions pertaining to the human, moral and psychological consciousness are raised (again) with a particular acuteness in light of the developments of the "artificial intelligence" and the return of the morality in our societies, the doctoral thesis of Noémie Enser is particularly relevant and cutting edge.

The moral conscience has a role to play in Copyright Law and the awareness in the creation is at the centre of the concept itself of copyright".

Florence Gaullier & Gilles Vercken

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Ranking "Managing Intellectual Property"

Ranking of Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm among the best law firms in Copyright & related rights (Tier 1) in France in the 2020 edition of the magazine "Managing Intellectual Property" 


Ranking also of Florence Gaullier and Gilles Vercken as "Copyright Stars"




Campus Avocats - COMPI on the new competences of the Pre-Trial Judge to rule on the grounds of inadmissibility

Online presentation by Florence Gaullier on the topic "Reform of civil procedure and the competence of the Pre-Trial Judge to rule on the grounds for inadmissibility in the copyright trial” during Campus Avocats on July 7, 2020 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.




"The regulation of financing and broadcasting in the audiovisual sector facing the digital challenge"

Valérie-Laure Benabou & Joëlle Farchy

LEGIPRESSE – July 2020, no 383, Chroniques & opinions column, pp. 348-356




Ranking Best Lawyers® 2021

Ranking of Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm in Entertainment, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Media and Privacy and Data Security Law in the eleventh edition of Best Lawyers®